About Us

At the AUTO|ONE Group we pride ourselves on being one of Canada's largest and most customer-focused sales and leasing companies with locations in Toronto and Vancouver. 

Leasing a Car in Ontario?

AUTO|ONE Sales and Leasing in Toronto, emerged in 2011 via the integration of many independent companies and dealerships in Toronto. We are conveniently located just off highway 400. Here, we have staff that provides professional, kind, and expert service aimed at helping you find something that fits your personal needs. They are experts on all makes and models and well trained in helping you find the best car lease deals Toronto and Ontario have to offer. For the new, used or luxury car of your dreams, you're already in the right place.

AUTO|ONE Program Highlights:           


• Our  many expert representatives are ready to get you the perfect  car for you and provide further insight into whether buying or leasing the vehicle is the best option.

• All of our car leases are unique - we don't subscribe to the idea of a "one size lease fits all" . We help figure out the lease that is tailored to you.

• More traditional financiers cannot provide the similar cash flow benefits that we offer. We have eliminated the need for you to sell your used lease vehicle.

• We offer competitive interest rates with the general consumer loan rate or commercial rates you may have been offered by a chartered bank. We have solutions for both customers with prefect or less than perfect credit history.

• What do you want to do at the end of your car lease? If you've grown attached to your car than you can buy the car outright, or you can re-lease it. If you need to sell it, than you are free to do so privately, return it, or trade it back for a new leased car. It's always better when you have plenty of options.